Our joints are constantly strained, and are likely to be threatened by many factors. A high uric acid level can cause “gout”, which is precisely a joint disease causing severe pain to the person. It affects 2% of adults, mostly men. Also, and to remedy it, we propose you, a natural recipe, composed of a juice to drink, every day, before your meals to finally say stop to your articular pains!

Uric acid in the body is represented as waste resulting from the evacuation of purines, which are found in significant quantities in some foods more than others, such as: shrimps, peas, sardines dried beans, liver, brains, anchovies … In other words, its presence is explained by the degradation of proteins from our body itself, or certain foods ingested. There are low purine foods such as: coffee, tea, fruits and vegetables, … When our body is able to eliminate the uric acid properly, it starts by dissolving in the blood before going through them. kidneys to be evacuated by urination. But in the opposite case, the more the uric acid is badly eliminated, the higher its rate is and thus promotes the development of certain diseases.

A high level of uric acid can cause joint disease called “gout” which causes severe pain in most of the joints of the big toe but can affect any other joint. The more gout attacks develop, the more difficult the person will have to move.

Its symptoms may also include swelling and redness on the affected area, severe pain in the joints, especially at night, a feeling of coldness in the affected joint.

Some causes of gout

The causes of gout can result from excessive alcohol consumption, a diet that is too rich in protein from meat, and stress. Risk factors may also be menopause, family history or taking certain medications such as diuretics and aspirin as well as obesity.

There is a natural remedy, with foods that you surely have at hand and that will help you get rid of all your joint pain in a healthy and effective way. A recipe that we detail for you:

Ingredients and method of preparation: Put all of the following foods in a blender, and mix them well:

– 1 whole lemon, organic- 1 cucumber, organic- 2 inches fresh ginger, organic (equivalent to 5 cm)- 1 cup sliced ​​pineapple, organic- Filtered water

To consume every day, before your meals.
How it works ?

Cucumber: It prevents the formation of kidney stones. Rich in water, vitamins and minerals, it protects the kidneys. It helps fight the negative effects of uric acid and inflammation due to asthma, arthritis or gout. It eliminates crystallized uric acid in the joints. In addition, cucumber is low in purines since it contains only 7.3 milligrams per 100 grams of vegetable. It is therefore ideal as part of a diet to eliminate gout.


It helps detox the body and relieve inflammation. Indeed, its components shoagols, gingerols and paradols have features that are beneficial for the pain caused by osteoarthritis, for example. In addition, ginger used as a compress would relieve joint pain in relation to gout.


Pineapple juice has anti-inflammatory properties and helps relieve pain thanks to the large amount of bromelain it contains. This enzyme prevents the production of prostaglandins that precisely, cause inflammation.


Rich in ascorbic acid, Vitamin C, lemon helps reduce discomfort and reduce joint discomfort. this fruit contains flavonoids, in addition to being antioxidants, they prevent inflammation. It is one of the fruits rich in vitamin C and low in fructose to help lower the level of uric acid in the body.

Warnings :

Ginger is not recommended for anyone with blood, diabetes, or weak disease, as well as pregnant women.
Grapefruit has this specificity to disrupt the assimilation of drugs. It prevents them from being transformed in the blood system. Ask for your doctor’s opinion.
In case of doubt about your ability to consume any of these foods above, discuss with your doctor.

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