Many reasons can cause joint pain. Tendinitis, gout, fall, as many causes that can make our movements difficult. To fight against inflammation related to rheumatism, nothing like this lemon and turmeric drink. These ingredients with inflammatory properties fight against disabling stiffness that can be aggravated by aging. Spotlight on the amazing mechanisms of this dreadful health drink.

With age, our tissues harden, damaging our joints and our mobility. This phenomenon can be accompanied by disabling and persistent pain. This lemon and turmeric drink struggles against localized inflammations that cause rheumatism. We tell you more in our nutrition section.

The benefits of lemon

Lemon, to relieve joint pain

With its vitamin C, lemon is ideal for protecting bones. And for good reason, the fruit of the lemon tree stimulates the production of collagen, a protein that preserves our joints and our bone mass. According to this study, the zest of citrus helps reduce the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. A compelling reason to invite him more often to our plates.

Lemon, an anti-inflammatory citrus fruit

Joint pain is related to local inflammation. According to the conclusions of this scientific experiment conducted in-vivo, we owe the anti-inflammatory properties of citrus to the presence of polyphenols.

– The benefits of turmericTurmeric, to fight against joint pain

To fight against joint pain, saffron of India is a natural remedy. And for good reason, the anti-inflammatory properties of the spice inhibit the pain triggered by rheumatism. According to this study published in The Medicinal Food, curcumin, an active compound of turmeric, is particularly effective in relieving osteoarthritis.

– The benefits of cinnamon
Cinnamon, a painkiller spice

To relieve the inflammation that occurs during joint pain, cinnamon is a favorite spice. And for good reason, its anti-inflammatory properties help fight against localized pain. According to this study, cinnamon inhibits the symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis.


To avoid suffering joint pain, it is essential to take certain precautions. Having a balanced diet to maintain weight helps prevent rheumatism of the hips and knees. It is also wise to stretch regularly to strengthen the junction between muscles and tendons. Bad bedding can cause joint pain. Choosing a firm mattress is comfortable helps prevent disabling lumbar pain.

– How to prepare this drink?

To observe conclusive results on your health, we advise you to obtain ingredients of biological origin.

Ingredients:– 1/2 cup of lemon juice- ½ cup of filtered water-1 teaspoon ground turmeric- A pinch of cinnamon

– Mix the spices with water and lemon juice. Stir until smooth.- Keep this drink for one hour in the fridge

Use :– Drink this drink 30 minutes before breakfast.

Caution :– Lemon is not recommended in case of heartburn or ulcers- Turmeric is contraindicated during biliary disorders- Cinnamon is contraindicated in cardiac disorders and ulcers.

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