Combined with a sedentary lifestyle, a copious diet and little variety can easily pack your silhouette. To regain its fitness weight, it is essential to establish healthy eating habits while resuming sustained physical activity. This oat-based diet emphasizes the balance between fiber and protein. Promoting satiety and burning calories, this food program promotes sustainable weight loss through a phase of progressive consolidation. Enjoy highly nutritious menus with amazing dietary benefits.

A diet rich in fats and sugars can quickly impact your figure. To focus on well-being, it is sufficient to establish a balanced diet program with foods with dietary virtues. With this oat-based diet, find your fitness weight in a sustainable way. Its progressive pace counterbalances the yo-yo effect of some drastic regimes. Spotlight on this high fiber food program.

Oats, the slimming cereal

This cereal originally used to feed the horses were sold for our use in the 70 And because oats is highly rich in fiber, essential substances to trigger the satiety essential to resist cravings. According to the study published in the journal Nutrients, regular oat consumption led to a significant decrease in body mass index (BMI) .The grass is also a copious source of essential nutrients in our body, such as vitamin E , magnesium, phosphorus and a vitamin B complex.

My oat diet: 3 phases

The oat diet is based on three phases. These are essential to promote the burning of fat and promote the maintenance of its weight of form.

Phase 1 :The first week of the diet, we recommend a diet that does not exceed 1200 calories per day. In parallel to this diet program, you will have to consume half a cup of organic oatmeal with almond milk.

Phase 2:The consolidation phase will have to last thirty days. This period is essential to maintain one’s arrival weight and thus avoid the yo-yo effect due to deprivation. The calories should not exceed 1400 calories a day. Two snacks will be allowed: fruit salads and steamed vegetables.
Phase 3:The third phase involves a gradual insertion of food. The calories should not exceed 1700 calories a day. To help maintain your fitness weight, be sure to eat an oat meal at least once a day.

How is my oat diet?

To observe conclusive results on your health, we recommend that you obtain ingredients of biological origin.

Day 1 Breakfast :- A cup of coffee or green tea- Half a cup of almond milk porridge- A tablespoon of raisins- ½ cup blueberries

Lunch :– Salted porridge with fresh goat cheese- Two fried eggs- Banana

Dinner :– Warm turkey- Half a cup of apple porridge- Green salad

Day 2

Breakfast :– A cup of green tea- Half a cup of porridge with cinnamon
Lunch :– Salmon foil- A banana- Greek yogurt
Dinner :– Vegetables in Provence- salty porridge

Day 3

Breakfast :– A cup of green tea- Porridge with raisins and nuts- A tablespoon of cranberry
Lunch – A cup of raspberries- Brown rice- Steamed vegetables
Dinner :-Fish fillet- A cup of steamed broccoli

Day 4

Breakfast :– A banana- A cup of green tea- Porridge with vanilla and walnuts- A glass of almond milk
Lunch :– Porridge nature- Omelette with herbs
Dinner :– Burger with chicken and onions- Steamed zucchini

Day 5

Breakfast :– Cup of green tea- Greek yogurt
Lunch :– A cup of porridge with bananas and pecans- A handful of cranberries
Dinner :– Complete pasta- Lettuce salad with cherry tomatoes

Day 6

Breakfast :– A cup of green tea- A glass of oat milk- Clementine paste
Lunch :– A grilled turkey fillet- Salted pore
Dinner :- Butter of fish

Day 7

Breakfast :– Apple porridge- A cup of green tea
Lunch :– A cup of porridge with goat cheese- Steamed chicken with carrots

Dinner :– Salmon with papillote- Baked potato

This diet is low calorie and should not be followed more than a week and more than twice a year. Also, before starting a diet, it is essential to consult a doctor to assess your health.

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