Decision-making mechanisms sometimes escape the conscious mind altogether. Indeed, our choices are usually influenced by certain traits of our personality. The way one dresses, one does one’s hair, or one reacts to individuals reveal a part of our character. Thus, to know certain unconscious processes involved in our daily decisions, it is necessary to interpret certain facts.

Since the dawn of time, women like to expose their beauty while affirming their singularity. Thus, some look for a sober and discreet look while others switch to a screaming style or eccentric. In short, they express their personality through their clothes, their hairstyle, their make-up as well as their accessories.

In this article, we reveal to you what finger you choose to wear your rings tells of your true personality.
In reality, the jewelry you choose and the way you wear it can help decipher some traits of your character. We tell you more!

Which finger do you usually wear your rings on?

1- The thumb

The thumb is usually the finger that men choose for wearing their rings. However, some women have also made the habit of wearing jewelry on that finger. So, if you sport your thumb of rings, it means that you are original, and that you advocate your independence. Indeed, you have a deep need to stand out from others and to have your own perception of things. Free of mind, you do not conform to the norms dictated by society and you prefer to rely on principles that belong to you only. Sometimes you have the impression of being different and not being understood by others, but in reality, you are a rare pearl that does not need to blend in to really feel alive.

2- The index

If you’re used to wearing rings on the index, that means you’re very ambitious. Indeed, you have countless dreams that you want to achieve. Intelligent and independent, you like to take the lead to realize your projects. Indeed, you have a soul of leader and you know how to express yourself with authority against others. In addition, you have a great deal of respect and social recognition. You have confidence in yourself and your abilities to hold the queens. On the other hand, your dominating spirit can sometimes scare men. But your generous soul is usually enough to soften them and put them in trust.
3- The middle finger

If you wear your rings to the major, it means that you are a stable and balanced person. Indeed, you live in harmony with your surroundings and you have very solid principles. You are pragmatic and you know how to preserve a calm climate with your loved ones. In addition, this original site indicates that you have a natural insurance that allows you to get everything you want professionally and personally. In fact, you are a very good negotiator who defends her point of view by generally providing irrefutable arguments. So, even if some people find you limited or annoying at times, you are convinced that you are always right.

4- The ring finger

This finger is considered in the collective consciousness as the location that dictates a particular commitment. However, whether you are a couple or single, if you decided to wear your rings to your ring finger, it means that you are a frank and caring person. Indeed, you usually get to build strong bonds with your loved ones and you always answer present when needed. You are trustworthy and you know how to listen and advise the people around you. Thus, people particularly appreciate you for all your human qualities.

5- The little finger

If you are used to wearing rings to your little finger, it means that you are extremely intuitive. Indeed, you get to know the bad intentions of some people from the first moments of the conversation. In addition, you are very talkative and you love to share your experiences with those around you. Positive and dynamic, you are thirsty for discovery and adventure. So you tend to get bored

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