The first basil originates from Asia and the Middle East, however today there are several distinct assortments. They all have one of a kind therapeutic properties. The jug has a solid calming impact, and the substances contained in that are a perfect other option to medicinal cannabis yet without neurological and reactions. Particularly viable in the battle with irritation of the gut and rheumatoid joint pain.
In traditional medicine, various types of basil are used in the treatment of many diseases, such as diabetes, respiratory diseases, impotence, allergies, and infertility. It is due to the specific acid in it that improves circulation, stabilizes the blood sugar level and relieves breathing.

The basil (Ocimum basilicum) is used to treat:

*Inflammations (stomach, intestines)
*Diseases of the urinary organs (kidneys, bladder)
*Calming nerves, insomnia
*Improve appetite
*Against gases, inflammation and digestive problems
*Against intestinal parasites
*An increase in lactation in lactating women
*Normalizing menstruation

Preparation of tea:
Mix flowers, leaves and upper, very delicate parts of the stem, or only use the leaves. For a cup of tea, one tablespoon of the herb is needed, and it is also unleashed in sips, which is 2-3 cups a day. Tea can be relieved by honey only if it is used as a cure for chronic diseases or as a cough against tea.