Recent studies have indicated that children inherit their intelligence genes from mothers and not the fathers.

This is likely because women have two X chromosomes, while men have only one X chromosome.

What makes this study significant is that there is a set of genes known as “conditioned genes” at work that comes from mothers and only in very few cases from fathers. Again, intelligence is derived from the conditioned genes that come from the mother.

This research was first conducted on lab rats. The results showed that the mice that received the mother’s genes had bigger brains and smaller bodies, while those that received the father’s genes had smaller brains with larger bodies. The cells were identified in order to match them with the mice’s cognitive functioning.

The studies identified the cells that controlled the cognitive functions and traced it back to where it came from mom or dad mice.

Cells that contained paternal genes took control over the functions of the limbic system, which are responsible for dominant functions like sex, food, and aggression. The researchers failed to find paternal genes in the cerebral cortex. Most advanced processes like reasoning, language, and planning take place in the cerebral cortex.

Researchers took it one step further to explore intelligence in humans after experimenting with mice. What they found was that even after accounting for several factors like education, race, and socio-economic status, the results indicated the same: intelligence is derived from the mother’s side.

But researchers also point out that genetics alone isn’t the definitive source of intelligence as hereditary factors account for only 40-60 percent. The rest are environment dependent.

The strong tie between a mother and a child was also analyzed. Researchers at the University of Washington found that the bond between mother and child helped in the development of some parts of the brain responsible for cognition. This emotional bond gave the child a sense of security and confidence, which impacted other activities.

That’s not to say that father’s don’t play any role. Fathers’ contribution plays a huge role in the overall development of the child, including emotional intelligence.


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