Pomegranates are not just to be consumed, but can also be used as a beauty product. We always consume only the berries of the fruit and throw it off without knowing that just like fruit, the skin is rich in many beauty benefits. Below you have listed some skin care applications for pomegranate skin care and not just about.

It acts as a natural sun protector

Pomegranate skin provides agents that can protect the skin from damage to sunlight, thus avoiding the development of skin cancer.


Dry the pomegranate skin in the sun and then make the powder.

Take it in a hermetic container.

Inside it add cream or some essential oils, and apply it in the face 20 minutes before going out.

Prevents acne and acne

Pomegranate skin has healing properties, so it can fight acne, acne and rash on the skin. It is rich in various antioxidants that fight bacteria and other infections.

You drink the pomegranate skin. Then bake a little in a frying pan.

Once they are invited, they are blown by a mill.

Make a paste with this powder and lemon juice or rose water.

Apply the paste in the face, especially where you have acne or acne.

Let it dry for a while

Finally wash your face with lukewarm water.

Prevents wrinkles and other signs of aging

According to the newspaper “Health”, various studies have shown that when blends of pomegranate skin extracts with seed oil may mix, they can create a mask that prevents enzymes from absorbing collagen and help grow healthy skin cells. This prevents the rapid emergence of wrinkles and other signs of aging.


Sprinkle a little milk with two tablespoons powdered pomegranate skins dried in the sun. You can add rose-water instead of milk if you have a healthy face.

Apply the mask on your face and let it dry.

Finally wash your face with lukewarm water.


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