• 750g Greek Yogurt (Low Fat – I used Fage)
  • 100g All Bran Plus
  • 60g nuts (I Prefer Pecans)
  • 10g of gelatin leaves (Or Gelatin Powder)
  • Stevia (sweetener)


  1. Take a cake tin (spring form).
  2. Cut a piece of baking paper the size of your cake tin.
  3. Put the baking paper on the bottom, you can spray a little bit of cooking spray at the bottom so your baking paper will stick.
  4. Put the all bran plus and nuts in the blender and blend
  5. Put the blended mass in the spring form cake, distribute and push it down on the bottom until solid or if you are using small rings (without a bottom) put the blended mass in a ring and push it down on the bottom until solid.
  6. Take a little bit of water (room temperature) and put in the gelatin leaves for about 5minutes (until soft)
  7. Boil some water (approx. 150 g ml of water). When the water boils take if off the heat.
  8. Take the softened gelatin leaves and squeeze out the water.
  9. Add the gelatin leaves to the boiled water and stir.
  10. Take a large bowl, add the Greek yogurt (low fat), add some sweetener (like stevia) and the water with the dissolved gelatin leaves and mix it all together
  11. Distribute the filling on to the bottom and put in the fridge for at least two hours
  12. Take out the spring form cake and divide it into 8 pieces or if you are using the small rings just lift the ring up.