Earaches are uncomfortable at best and outright miserable at their worst. This type of pain can occur inside the ear or outside. According to Earth Clinic, not all ear pain is a sign of infection. In fact, earaches can be a result of dental issues, clogged sinuses, or problems with the tonsils.

An earache that is s sign of an infection are typically accompanied by loss or appetite, inability to sleep, fever, vertigo, drainage and difficulty hearing. If you notice any drainage, you should contact a medical professional. They may want to prescribe an antibiotic if the infection is severe enough.

Try a few of these natural remedies to help ease pain naturally:

Warm compress.

Apply a warm compress to their infected ear, according to Ask Dr. Sears.The heat can help ease pain and provide comfort.

Warm sock with salt.

One reader on Earth Clinic recommends putting sea salt into a sock and heating it in the microwave. Make sure to only heat it for 5 to 10 seconds at a time to avoid a fire.

Use a small cotton ball coated in Vaseline.

If you have swimmers ear, try soaking a cotton ball in Vaseline and put it in the outer ear. This will keep your ear dry so that it can heal quickly. Apply this before your shower (to keep water out) and don’t swim for at least 7 days after your infection, Neil Med recommends.

Chew some gum.

One simple way (your kids will love) to ease ear pain is to chew a piece of sugarless gum. Children should be 4 or older before your offer them gum. Chewing gum encourages the production of saliva and swallowing which helps drain the middle ear, according to Parenting.

Sleep with the sore ear facing up.

Parenting.com recommends encouraging your child to sleep with their sore ear facing up. This keeps pressure off of the ear and helps the fluid move away from the eardrum.

Apply some garlic oil to the sore ear.

One reader on Earth Clinic recommends using garlic and olive oil to ease ear pain. Warm a bit of olive oil and garlic on a warm pan. Use a cotton ball to absorb some of the oil and garlic and apply to your ear. Leave it in your ear.

Apply apple cider vinegar.

A reader on Earth Clinic recommends using Apple Cider Vinegar to cure an ear infection. Dee, suggested putting some apple cider vinegar drops in the ear as soon as you get an ear ache. Repeat every 12 hours until the pain subsides.

What are some ways you ease earache pain? Tell us your favorite remedies in the comments below.


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