Most often caused by stretching of the skin, stretch marks can leave unsightly marks on the legs, belly and sometimes the chest. These are tears between the dermis and hypodermis that sometimes require laser surgery. Stretch marks can also appear during pregnancy. With this lemon trick, fight against these unsightly marks.

Mainly of hormonal origin, stretch marks can create many complex. It is too much cortisol that causes the appearance of the latter. Several causes can cause these dermal roughnesses: pregnancy, very thin skin or sudden weight gain or loss. Cortisol contributes to the decrease of collagen, substance responsible for the elasticity of the skin, and thus to the appearance of stretch marks.

Hydration is fundamental

These striations on the body can have several aspects. They can be red and bloody, purplish or white and pearly. Stretch marks can cause itching and tugging in the first few weeks. Very difficult to remove, it is essential to prevent their appearance by hydrating as much as possible. We remind you that at least 1.5 L of water is required for optimal hydration. Then, it is necessary to prevent the skin from drying out by moisturizing it as much as possible. Creams, oils, so many remedies that can prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the body. The skin is particularly vulnerable during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Natural remedy against stretch marks

Did you know that lemon can be an effective remedy against stretch marks? If you read the following lines, you will know the mechanisms of actions of citrus on these imperfections that we could do without. Lemon juice is recommended for the care of stretch marks thanks to its richness in citric acid. But there are other properties of lemon that give it a power against the appearance of stretch marks.

Lemon, to whiten the skin

The Citrus with a thousand and one virtues can whiten the skin and thus have a real power to blur the marks. According to this study, lemon provides a clearer skin by playing on melanin levels present in the body.

Lemon, to improve the elasticity of the skin

Rich in vitamin C, lemon boosts the amount of collagen present in the skin. This helps prevent the aging of the skin and especially the appearance of stretch marks. According to scientists, the antioxidant properties of lemon give it anti-aging properties. In addition, citrus also has a healing power that allows it to fade stretch marks.

Preparation of the natural remedy

To eliminate stretch marks, nothing easier! Simply cut the lemon in half. Then, it is rubbing the areas affected by stretch marks. Make circular movements so that the juice penetrates deep into the skin. Let the remedy rest for 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. To observe convincing results, it is important to repeat this operation twice a day for the duration of a month.

To provide the required hydration dose to prevent these blemishes, you can add cucumbers or olive oil to this poultice. You can use this remedy as a preventative, if you are dieting or pregnant.

Caution :The use of lemon directly on the skin is photosensitizing. It is important to do this at night to avoid the risk of UV rays.

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