With the proliferation of viruses and infectious diseases, the optics of turning to natural remedies is an excellent means of prevention. The trick is to use foods whose combined properties guarantee you healthy health. Garlic, lemon or ginger are allies of size to act on cholesterol and blood pressure. Discover in the article how to use them to concoct a drink with multiple benefits for your organization.

This remedy is known to act effectively against many pathologies, including regulating cholesterol levels. Indeed, when it accumulates in the arteries, the latter can lead to complications for heart health. In order to mitigate its effects, some natural ingredients are a big help. Here are their benefits:


The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger are well established since a meta-analysis confirms that its concentration of gingerol would inhibit the metabolic components that are the source of inflammatory reactions.
Thanks to this, ginger proves to be a superfood providing the body with the anti-inflammatory resources necessary to fight against pathologies such as asthma, arthritis or fatty liver disease which is triggered following a accumulation of grease in the filter element.

Moreover, the thermogenic power of this plant native to India would promote the energy expenditure of metabolism, allowing the efficient combustion of lipids and carbohydrates. It is therefore also recommended for the process of weight loss.

Its benefits do not stop there since ginger is known to reduce bad cholesterol and maintain a balanced levels in the body, preventing the risks and complications associated with cardiovascular disease.


Lemon is rich in vitamin C, ideal to strengthen the immune system and allow it to fight against certain conditions. Indeed, its antioxidant action defends the body against many pathogens while fighting against oxidative stress. According to an article published by the scientific journal Nutrients, vitamin C supplementation is indicated to prevent and fight against respiratory infections.

In addition, its antioxidant concentration makes it the ideal food for the regulation of cholesterol levels in the body. According to a study of adults (30 to 60 years) with moderate hyperlipidemia, a mixture of lemon juice and garlic have shown a significant improvement in lipid levels and blood pressure.


Garlic is used as an ancestral remedy for its antioxidant properties, especially due to its allicin composition which is known to be a natural antibiotic (it is recognized by the strong odor that escapes when it is minced) . In addition, many studies have shown that this perennial plant would reduce LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body.

Preparation of the recipe:

To savor this drink with many virtues, the following ingredients are required:

  • 4 medium garlic cloves
  • 4 fresh organic lemons
  • 2 liters of water
  • 4 cm of ginger root

The recipe is easy to prepare. Start by slicing all the lemons into slices after peeling them well. Arrange these slices in a blender to which you add the specified amount of ginger and the four cloves of garlic. Then mix everything until a homogeneous mixture. After pouring the two liters of water into a saucepan, add the mixture and bring to a boil. Once done, turn off the heat and allow the drink to cool. Then filter the mixture and place the resulting liquid in a thermos or glass bottle.

It is recommended to consume a glass of this drink daily, ideally two hours before meals, for 3 weeks. If you want to follow it again, it will take a break of 7 days before starting again. You will notice that you will clearly have more energy and dynamism to face your days.


Lemon is not recommended in case of burns or stomach ulcers, as well as in case of citrus allergies.
Ginger is not recommended for pregnant women and contraindicated prior to surgery because of its anticoagulant effect. This last recommendation also applies to garlic when it is consumed in excessive quantities.
If you are under medical treatment, the opinion of a health professional is essential before starting a cure. Your doctor’s recommendations take precedence over everything else.

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