” When you lose weight, it doesn’t begin in the gym with a dumbbell; it starts in your head with a decision.” – Toni Sorenson

Losing weight can be quite a challenge, and it gets even harder as you get old. Some have always been bothered with excess pounds just because it is in their genes to be obese.

Fixing your menu and introducing healthy eating habits sometimes helps. Physical activity is good for you, too. However, some individuals are just unable to lose weight despite everything they do.

You may be unable to lose weight for numerous reasons. Going to the gym every other day does not help. But, changing your lifestyle habits can be of great help here. Find the problem that makes you fat and works on it.

8 reasons you do not lose weight and how to change that

  1. Improper sleeping pattern

Sleep deprivation stops your body from doing its job. Staying up all night means going to the kitchen more often and gaining more weight. That’s how you get back all the pounds you struggled to lose.

Not getting enough sleep “kills” your motivation, and you just do not feel like going to the gym. Work on your sleep schedule to help your body and mind.

  1. Light pollution throughout the night

Studies show that when exposed to light, you still gain weight despite the fact that your food intake and workout level are still the same. We are surrounded by light. It is everywhere – TV screens, city lights, mobile phones, etc. Electronics affects your sleep levels and the blue light keeps you awake.

This is not directly related to your obesity, but it is definitely hard to lose weight when you do not sleep enough at night. Shut down every electronic device before you go to bed to fix your sleep pattern.

  1. Chronic stress

Stress is a top cause of weight gain. It affects your hormone levels and turns you into an emotional eater. Stress is responsible for your overeating, and it can smash all the good results you had in the gym. When you are stressed, workout more and do yoga to calm you down. If you cannot stay away from food, always have healthy snacks on hand and you will get back on the right track in no time.

  1. Medication

Some drugs affect your metabolism, cause cravings and boost your metabolism. Weight gain appears as a side effect with most medication, but you can sure avoid that. Consult your doctor about other alternatives for your regular medication. In this way, you will be both medicated and healthy. It is also good for your weight gain.

  1. Negative self-talk

Nothing is worse than killing your motivation for exercise. not believing in yourself is bad. There is nothing wrong with skipping the gym once or twice. Do not berate yourself, and keep your motivation alive. Change your attitude towards yourself. Using statements in third or second person also helps. “You can do it” or “Its okay that you skipped today, you’ll try again tomorrow” do miracles. Your motivation can really help you.

  1. Chemicals and pollutants

Chemicals are everywhere around us, the soil, the air… Some chemicals promote weight gain, especially after long-term exposure. It is also terrible when individuals are exposed to chemicals in their formative growing years.

How to protect yourself? Always buy fresh and organic produce and get rid of the plastic in your home. Filter your water with carbon filters is also an option.

  1. Health problems

Some medical conditions can make you gain weight, such as thyroid problems. These come without any accompanying problems. If you gain weight regardless of your efforts, consult your doctor, and do all the tests you need to determine if you are dealing with an underlying condition.

Once you do this, it will be much easier for you to keep your weight under control.

  1. Depression

You may be depressed without even being aware of it. Some people are just used to live that way. Depression makes you fat because you are not active and eat more than you need to. Consult your doctor about your emotions, and find a way to treat your depression. This will make it easier for you to control your life. Getting rid of depression will help you live a healthier life.

Change your lifestyle habits and you will lose weight easily. Do not give up despite all the obstacles you have on your way. Find something that works for your body and do that. You will be amazed by its effect!


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