Sciatic pain usually affects the area from your lower back down though your thigh and leg. Even though it tends to pass over the period of 6 weeks, it is pretty unpleasant and painful. The symptoms vary from mild to severe, that is why in case you decide that it is not that bad to pay your doctor a visit, you can try these 8 natural treatments out, to ease the pain and discomfort.

Yet, we must warn you, that treating something you are not a 100% sure about is never a good idea, that is why the minute you feel that there is something worse going on, or instead of going away the pain only gets stronger – visit a doctor immediately.

#1 Compresses

Contrasting compresses are very helpful in case of sciatic pain, since warm compresses increase circulation and cold ones take away the swelling altogether with pain.

#2 Turmeric

Turmeric is pretty effective when it comes to soothing nerve pain, that is why mixing it with milk and honey and drinking twice a day may be very helpful.

#3 Massage

Massage is very helpful when it comes to sciatic pain, since it not only relaxes your muscles, but also helps your body heal on its own.

#4 Exercises

You will be surprised but a regular workout is helpful not only when you are trying to get your body into a perfect shape, but also when you are dealing with sciatic pain.

#5 Valerian tea

Adding a teaspoon of dried valerian root to a cup of hot water is a straight way to ease that sciatic pain, since valerian root extract is very effective against nerve pain.

#6 White Willow

White willow bark supplement is great against inflammation and is a great analgesic. But you should consult your doctor first before starting the medication.

#7 Fenugreek seeds

The seeds are great against sciatic pain as well.

#8 Acupuncture

Acupuncture may be the best way to deal with sciatic pain, but you have to be sure that the master you are going to pay a visit to is a real professional at what he does.


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