Changes happen in our bodies every day. But, when they are unexplained you should know how to recognize them, so that you can help yourself. Make sure you know your body well so that you can notice what’s different. There are some diseases and illnesses that show symptoms, but others don’t. Here, we’re presenting you 16 of the most important warning signs that can help you recognize even cancer.

16 Warning Signs of Cancer

1. Unexplained Weight Loss

One of the first most noticeable signs is this one. It was especially reported in cases of lung, breast colon or other types of cancer. It usually appears when cancer attacks and disturbs the function of your liver.

2. Chronic Heartburn

A chronic heartburn can be a sign for esophageal cancer or otherwise called Barrett’s esophagus.

3. Bowel Issues

Any change in the bowel habits that is unexplained and lasts for more than a month is a sign of bowel cancer.

4. Difficulty Swallowing

Pain or a burning sensation when swallowing food or trouble swallowing may show throat, esophageal or lung cancer.

5. Frequent Fevers or Infections

If you constantly have a persistent or prolonged fever, you may have a cancerous condition, like for example lymphoma.

6. Unexplained Fatigue

Weakness or fatigue that’s unexplained and constant can signify various types of cancer.

7. Shortness of Breath

Any constant shortness of breath and wheezing may signify lung cancer because it narrows your airway and presses against it.

8. Chronic Cough

A cough which is persistent and irritating along with chest pain is the most well-known symptom of lung tumors and leukemia.

9. Bloating

Abdominal bloating that is sudden and unexplained can show ovarian cancer, especially if it goes along with sense of feeling full and pelvic pain.

10. Jaundice

Jaundice or yellowing of the skin as well as the whites of your eyes can signify  liver or gallbladder disease.

11. Unusual Swelling or Lumps in the Body

If you notice any unusual lumps on the neck, groin, breasts, underarms, testicles or abdomen preset for a longer period of time, they may be a clear sign of cancer.

12. Changes in Moles

Moles are usually harmless skin changes, but if you notice them change or cause pain, they may indicate cancer.

13. Changes in Nails

The nails may also signify that something insidious is going on in your body. If you notice your nails are clubbed, pale, or with black or brown spots, they may indicate several types of cancers like lung, skin or liver cancer.

14. Abdominal Pain

Pelvic or lower abdominal pain that is present for a very long period of time may indicate breast, uterine, ovarian, rectum or colon cancer.

15. Unexplained Pain

Unexplained, but chronic pain that happens for a month usually signifies testicular or bone cancer.

16. Abnormal Bleeding

Blood in the urine or in the stools may signify kidney, bowel or bladder cancer. Bleeding between periods or after the period of menopause can signify uterine cancer.


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